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TOOL :Java2, JSP, STRUTS, JDBC, Jawa Swing, Java Mail, X Windows and MOTIF, C++, C, PL/SQL, WML, ASP, XML, Scripts, HTML, Crystal Reports, Oracle Designer ,Assembly(8086), Foxpro.
ERP:Baan IV b2
Language: Baan Tools, Visual Basic, COBOL,Turbo 'C' Assembly , Borland C++, Prolog, Lisp, VC++, Java.
Internet : HTML, Scripts, IE, Netscape.
WEB servers : Personal Web Server, Apache, Tomcat, IIS, Jrun
RDBMS : MS SQL, Oracle, Internals of databases, MS access.
DBMS/4GL : MS access, FoxPro, Baan Base.
Front End : Forte for Java, Visual InterDev, JBuilder
Client Server : Java Swing, Visual Basics
Packages : MS office, Windows Tools , Visio, WS, Lotus, Unix Tools, UNIX Shell Scripts, Page Makers, Icon Maker, Corel Draw, etc.
Computer Science : Digital Electronics ,Data Structures, System Analysis and Design , System Software, Software Engineering, Computer networks, Operating systems, (Multithreaded),Accountancy, Object Oriented Methodology, Computer architecture, RDBMS, Principles of programming languages, Compiler construction, Artificial Intelligence , Computer graphics, Numerical Analysis, Statistics, Operations Research, Modern Algebra, Statistical Analysis, Mathematics of engineering, Management information Systems, Personal Management, Organizational Structure, Software Management, Database Management, Simulation Modeling etc.
Electronics : Microprocessor, Instrumentation, Microelectronics, Communication, Operational Amplifier, Digital Electronics ,Networks line & fields, Solid State Physics, Mathematical Methods of Physics, Electrodynamics etc.
Others : Microsoft database technology - ADO, ODBC Software Engineer (All S.E. Development Phase)

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