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Financial Accounting System  

Chartered Accountant's Timesaver - CAT

Operating System : Dos
Front End : Clipper 5.1
Back End : Dbase IV

Prominent team had successfully developed and marketed the Chartered Accountant TimeSaver - CAT. Which has catered to more than hundred Chartered Accountant's and Tax practitioners for a period of Eight years giving Annual upgrade based on the Income Tax laws for the same. It is the most popular Chartered Accountant's Software. It has been ranked as one of the Top forty Indian software's. The software is an ultimate solution towards automation for Chartered Accountant's office. It has modules like

Modules :

Client Information Management

Efficient Storage and easy retrieval of Client information like Address, Assessment Details (Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Sales Tax) Generates Client Information reports like listing, Mailing Lables, Circulars, Reminders and Customized reports Prints Client-wise and date----wise activities, appointment and follow up register Transfer of data after Computation of Income to Income Tax details.


Allows designing and printing of commonly used forms like Saral 2D, From 3CD, Advance Tax Challans, etc. on regular stationery as well as pre-printed tax print forms.

Case Laws

Facility to keep track of Important Judgements
Searching criteria based on matter (I.Tax, S.tax etc.) or on section.

Deeds drafter & Clause library

A tool to generate commonly needed deeds and documents with minimum data input and with the help of user defined clause library.
Efficiently generates Partnership Deeds, Audit reports, Notes to B/s., Power of Attorney, Will, Sales Agreement and other documents.
Facility to add, edit, view and print the clauses.
Facility to define default clauses.

Trial Balance Converter

Accepts Trial Balance data in user-friendly way and converts it into Trading & P/L a/c., Capital a/c, and
Balance Sheet (Horizontal and Vertical Formats).
Includes Statement's as per Schedule VI.
Customized printing of Statements, Notes & Schedules to suit the client's requirements.
Copy data of Previous year to next year.

Computation of Income

Computes the Taxable Income as per different assess types.
Includes all heads of Income as per the recent Law's made by I.T. Dept.
Calculates Net Tax Payable/ Refundable & Advance Tax.
Provides mini-editor for the convenience of the client.


Invoicing for multiple companies.
Provides comprehensive billing system for c.a.'s office.
Facility to link Payment received from clients with one or more bills or previous bills.
Printing reports like Bill Detail, Payment Detail, Reminders, Receipts, Party Ledgers, Outstanding & Aging Reports, etc.
Facility to Print Invoices & Receipts as required.


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